17 11 / 2013

Hey guys, this is Henry. He’s a stray that’s been hanging out around my apartment for a while.  He’s a bit shy, skittish, and difficult to photograph, but very very sweet in general. He disappears every once in a while and I don’t have a habit of feeding him, but today he came right up to me and it was pretty apparent that he really needed some food. I’m currently sitting next to him as he scarfs down a bowl, and he’s growling while he’s eating it, especially when my other cats come near; it’s pretty obvious he hasn’t eaten in a while, and he sort of recoils when I go to pet him. He has missing a chunk of fur from his tail that was previously pretty long and beautiful, so I’m a little concerned about him. I can’t take him with me when I move in a week (I already took in another stray, actually his brother, long before I found him. Unfortunately I’ve got two cats already and I’m moving twice in six months. I can’t handle a third). I’m begging someone to take this lovely boy so he can have a forever home! He is a little standoffish and protective of his food but from what I’ve seen of him, I’m sure he will be a wonderful little guy once he’s comfortable!

My neighbor and I took him to get neutered, but he does not have his shots. If you’re interested please feel free to send me a message in my ask box here. I really don’t want to take him to the humane society because he’s probably going to need a bit of work and time before he warms up to people. He is in no way violent at ALL but it’s pretty clear people haven’t been very good to him, and I’m very afraid that since he’s not a playful little kitten, he might be left in a cage for a long long time, if not put down.

If you live in South Florida, or if you have followers from there, please please please signal boost! Let’s find this lovely animal a family. <3

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    He looks a lot like my Bruin!
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